The automotive industry is rapidly advancing and relies heavily on a vast number of readily available electronic components.  Cars and other types of vehicles are evolving and so is the advanced technology demanded by consumers.  结果是, automotive industry suppliers often have trouble sourcing parts due to component shortages.  VRG Components are experts in finding hard-to-find parts in short supply.  由于我们强大的全球网络, we can quickly source the right components for your project that others cannot.

VRG Components can help you secure the vast number of electronic components used by the automotive industry.  Our services help our customers fulfill their toughest sourcing challenges to maintain production requirements within the industry.  Electronic components for this industry are used in passenger cars, 摩托车, 商用车辆, 还有装收音机的卡车, 音频系统, 巡航控制系统, GPS导航系统, 仪器面板, 备份相机, 自动停车系统等等.

找到你的电子元件 Looking for hard-to-find electronic components within the automotive industry? 使用我们的零件查找器或韦德平台.


We provide our automotive industry customers with a wide variety of electronic components.  在VRG Components, 我们知道,不管应用是什么, the electronic components we provide must meet demanding 质量 standards to operate in high-performance environments.  Some examples of electronic components for the automotive sector are:

  • 发动机控制用电子元件
  • 娱乐系统韦德平台
  • 挡风玻璃刮水器控制 & 停车系统韦德平台
Interior of an automobile with icon illustrations showing electronic connectedness


VRG focuses on meeting the needs and requirements of our customers in whatever industry they work in.  This is the starting point of our comprehensive worldwide service.  Our global team keeps abreast of national requirements and complies with these requirements as it regards to sourcing.  VRG Components also offers a warranty for all components provided to our customers, can purchase your excess inventory to maximize your profitability, 并由我们的专业专家提供支持, 包括我们的销售团队.



VRG Components is proud to offer the very best electronic components for the automotive industry from major manufacturers such as:

AMD      模拟设备      AVX       二极管      英特尔 (阿尔特拉)      美光科技     onsemi (飞兆)      英伟达      

NXP      瑞萨       罗门哈斯      三星       Skyworks      意法半导体       德州仪器公司      赛灵思公司

韦德平台 industry suppliers support auto manufacturers such as Toyota, 通用韦德平台(General Motors), 大众韦德平台, Nissan-Renault, 现代-起亚, 福特, 菲亚特-克莱斯勒, 本田, 标致雪铁龙, 宝马, 和特斯拉.



模拟设备 is an American multinational semiconductor company specializing in data conversion, 信号处理和电源管理技术.



德州仪器公司 designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.



NXP Semiconductors is a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications in the automotive, 工业 & 物联网、移动和通信基础设施市场.



瑞萨 is one of the world's largest auto semiconductor and microcontroller manufacturers.



意法半导体 is a French-Italian multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, 瑞士.



onsemi manufacturers energy efficient connectivity, sensing, power 管理,模拟,逻辑,定时,离散,和自定义设备.


搜索 or browse our inventory of electronic components with our part finder.  Once you have found the components you are looking for, you can request a quote that fits your needs.  Our sales team will contact you to tailor your quotation for hard-to-find components.

找到你的电子元件 Looking for hard-to-find electronic components within the automotive industry? 使用零件查找器或与我们韦德注册平台.


VRG Components can source any electronic parts that are hard-to-find – in short supply (allocations), 临终, 最后一次购买, 或者交货期长.  We do this by leveraging our extensive network of carefully vetted, reliable suppliers.

The following electronic components are used extensively in the automotive sector:  电容器、 继电器、 连接器, 电阻、 激光、摄像头, 传感器, 微控制器等等.

各种黑色、蓝色、黄色 & 紫色电容元件


电容器在电场中储存电能. 它们是有两个端子的无源电子元件.



继电器是一种电动开关. They consist of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, 以及一套操作触点端子. The switch may have any number of contacts in multiple contact forms, 比如建立韦德注册平台, 打破韦德注册平台人, 或者它们的组合.



Electrical connectors are electromechanical devices used to join electrical conductors and create an electrical circuit. 大多数电连接器的性别是i.e. the male component, called a plug, connects to the female component, or socket.

VRG Components是您理想的合作伙伴

我们的客户经常承受着快速找到库存的压力.  部件必须符合质量标准并按时到达.

Global customers choose VRG Components for our ability to secure the products they need, 我们交货的速度, 我们的可靠性, 质量, 以及我们持续的客户支持.  In other words, VRG is the essential supply chain partner that can provide you with peace of mind.

  • 无与伦比的全球供应链
  • 快速获得报价
  • 质量集中 & AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证
  • 最优质的韦德平台
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 灵活的付款方式

VRG Components通过AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证.  Our Quality Management System contains strict 质量 guidelines and rigorous counterfeit avoidance measures so you can rely on the 质量 of the electronic parts you receive from us.  Get everything you need by contacting VRG Components for your electronic parts needs.

We focus on quickly delivering top-质量 electronics components for the automotive industry.  Our sourcing team is able to accomplish this due to our extensive global connections with carefully selected suppliers.








物联网 Concept - an IOT labeled chip on an illustration of a circuit board


Modern vehicles are designed with many types of sensors which are an integral part of the 物联网 industry.



Electronic components are used extensively in the public transportation industry for road signage, 终端韦德注册平台, 公共韦德平台/火车/地铁标志等等.


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